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Volunteering in Rwanda

YOMADO, the leading local volunteer travel organization in Rwanda composed by local professional volunteers welcomes you in Rwanda. The main goal of Rwanda volunteer program is to make a positive impact in the lives of the people you meet during your once in a life time journey to Rwanda. YOMADO arranges meaningful and affordable volunteer projects in Rwanda. Experience meaningful volunteer travel while working hand in hand with local communities in Rwanda. ​YOMADO volunteering and charity work in Rwanda is the best way to give back while on your trip to Rwanda. YOMADO does host itself volunteers and does partner work with other civil society organizations to host volunteers after a great vetting or due diligence. Rwanda, known as the land of a thousand hills, has stunning scenery & warm, friendly people that offer unique experiences as it is the most remarkable country in Africa. It’s blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, with incredible wildlife living throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest and sweeping plains. YOMADO volunteer projects in Rwanda are safe, reliable and affordable and can accommodate all ages. We require a minimum duration of 1 day, and we welcome volunteers anytime of the year.  We will provide amenities such as hot water, electricity, and first aid. We will also help with pre-trip assistance, pick up, orientation, and social activities.  After you have booked and confirmed your placement, please book your flights to arrive at Kigali international airport in Kigali city. A member of staff from YOMADO will meet you on your arrival at the airport. The airport services are for numerous international carriers. Rwanda has good connections to destinations throughout Europe, Asia pacific region, North America and Africa. Orientation and placement will be done the next day. generally, your volunteer orientation is an overview of the project’s mission, expectations and introduction to the local community and the site. Following your arrival in Rwanda you will be given a presentation by the project or program coordinator to prepare you for the work you will be doing. The Republic of Rwanda, member of the Eastern Africa community, allows citizens of all countries that are not visa exempt to obtain a visa on arrival. In addition, they may also obtain an e-visa online before departure. All visitors must hold a passport valid for at least six months with at least on empty page.  From February 2014, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda began issuing an East African tourist visa that costs 100$ and has no restrictions on citizens of any country. The visa is non-extendable multiple-entry 90-day visa that has to be first used to enter the country that issued the visa. You will need to buy any travel insurance covering your participation on the program. You won’t be able to go without the right travel insurance so double check to avoid disappointment. Please make sure that you are covered for the whole duration of your trip- from the day you leave your home to the day you return. Buy here now:  Over the weekends or evenings, participants are free to eat out and explore the different delights that Rwanda has to offer. We arrange city day tours and long-weekend safaris. No matter what your interests, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

General Information

Provided below is a general guideline for your volunteer trip. We will send a more detailed information sheet after you have signed up 


What We Provide

Volunteers and interns are accommodated in volunteer house, homestay and in guesthouse that is safe.


Volunteers or interns can expect to share a room with 1 volunteer or intern of the same gender. The volunteer house and guest house can accommodate 8 and 12 volunteers or interns at one time respectively.


Home stay can accommodate up 2 volunteers or interns at a time.

Rooms have a lot of space and are of high quality with showers and water supply, electricity and security.

Bedding and housekeeping will be provided but laundry is offered for 7$ a week.

Pumpkin Tarts


We accommodate both variety, vegetarian, vegan and dietary restrictions people. We provide 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast usually consists of toast, eggs, omelette, noodles, boil, juices or soft drinks, tea, and coffee. 


Lunch and dinner often are chicken curry, pasta, noodles, meats, rice, potatoes, sauces and soup, African or foreign dishes, juices or soft drinks, tea, and coffee. We hear the wish of a volunteer or intern of foods/he wants and make sure we get it. If he or she wants to cook for her/ himself, we let her or him do so. Water is provided too. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you. 


30$ daily and 50$ one-time fee. After 30 days the fees automatically are 25$ daily and after 40 days at YOMADO the fees are 20$ daily.

The fees include accommodation (volunteers or interns house, homestay and guest house), 3 meals a day, orientation, pick up at Kigali international airport, hospital transport (if needed we provide this service for free at any time), first aid support if needed

The fees do not include: Drop off (will be charged only 100$), laundry(will be 7$ per week), local SIM card (you need to purchase it here yourself), transport to and from your work place, week tours or visits

Volunteer in Rwanda with Us
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