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Our Programs

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Program

The purpose of this program is to educate young people about sexual health and rights and provide guidance and support so that they will be able to make informed decisions and have control over their sexual reproductive health. 

We aim to encourage others to take actions and fight against early pregnancy and gender based violence for children. In addition, we want to facilitate high quality rights based and gender-transformative comprehensive sexuality education.


Rays of Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children  Program

With the program, we support 100 orphans and vulnerable children. Children are provided with health insurance, scholastic materials, and school feeding. Our children are also trained in badminton and life skills to socialize and cope with life’s hardships.

Orphans and vulnerable children are paired with mentors and we sensitize the whole community so that we may get a community driven solution.

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Youth Socioeconomic Empowerment Program  

YOMADO strives for economic empowerment of youth between 16 to 30 years old and encourages vulnerable households’ members to become resilient.

Our program builds the capacity of the target beneficiaries by providing training on financial literacy through various savings and loans models, financial linkages, entrepreneurship, cooperatives promotion and enterprise development. 

Currently, YOMADO economically supports a total of 15 saving groups, 8 cooperatives & SMEs and 156 young people.

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Girls Empowerment Program

Through Rwanda’s Girls’ empowerment program, our goal is to promote girls’ rights and active and equal participation for the development of a better future.


Like in the Keeping Girls at School Project, we aim to diminish female dropouts compared to their male counterparts and help young women get the same education rights as their brothers.

By the application of our safe space module, we reach out to adolescent girls and young women segmented as : in-school, out of school, teen mothers, and female sex workers, all categorized in the age bands of 10-14, 15-19, 20-24 and 25-30 years.

Special attention is put in the identification and enrollment processes of girls where inclusiveness of all girls is catered for through Financial Education, Mentorship and SRHR.


Sports for Life Program 

Through the Badminton Initiative Project, we have put in place badminton clubs and academies in schools and in villages.

Badminton is a popular recreational sport in the Global North that is played at all levels, from elementary schools to private clubs, but it is something new in Rwanda.

The Badminton Initiative Project, with the support from SOLIBAD, has now adopted a Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan based on Rwandan Sport for Life principles. This will help develop a more physically active nation and more future badminton athletes.

Supported clubs (by YOMADO) formed a badminton federation (Rwanda Badminton Federation).


Community Food Security Program

We boost food security and nutrition through the promotion of food production, food processing, access to food, and food utilization and consumption.

We use bio-intensive agriculture techniques in Farmer Field and Learning Schools, and promote nutrition using Health groups for Nutrition for children under five years old. 

Additionally, we promote malnutrition screening, growth monitoring and counseling, nutrition education, nutrition rehabilitation and monthly cooking demonstrations through Village Nutrition Schools.


Youth Secure Livelihood Program

The Secure livelihoods’ program's goal is to achieve economic capacity, self- reliance, food security, and nutrition of vulnerable youth for better health.

Therefore, in a bid to attain this goal, our interventions address issues of lack of capacity of young people to manage and generate income, limited access to finance, limited access to community-based health insurance (Mutuelle de santé) through our saving group approach.

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STEM Education Program

The STEM Education program is a student-led initiative committed to bringing equitable and quality STEM education to students in Rwanda. We strive to improve educational outcomes and empower African youth with the tools, skillsets, and knowledge to succeed in STEM careers.


Our mission is especially focused on advancing STEM opportunities for historically underserved groups, such as females and students from low-income backgrounds, by promoting intellectual curiosity, boosting confidence, and providing a support network for students to excel. 

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