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Keeping 50 Girls at school in Bugesera District, Rwanda

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

About this Campaign

The Rwandan government enacted a policy that provides all Rwandan children with Twelve years of fee-free basic education. Yet, girls are still dropping out of school at far higher rates than their male counterparts so girls continue to be less likely to complete their schooling than boys. In 2017, only 68% of girls progressed from secondary 3 to upper secondary, compared to 92% of boys. it is a challenge to keep them at school. YOMADO realized that they are different causes that are behind girls dropouts in our community including; familial poverty (because they lack school materials& uniforms and school feeding fees), familial conflicts and cultural norms, unwanted and early pregnancies and periods poverty( lack of pads). YOMADO hopes to eliminate or reduce this girls dropout cases by identifying vulnerable girls and providing girls with scholastics materials(notebooks, pens, uniforms), by paying them school feeding fees, pairing them with mentors, grant them sanitary pads and by conducting mobilization campaign on vulnerable girls educations with different stakeholders.

Use of Funds

Funds will be used like this: -Notebooks :10 (pc)*50 (girls)*0,5$=250$ -Pens : 2(pc)*50(girls)*0,1$=10$ -Uniforms: 1(pc)*50(girls)*15$=750$ -School feeding: 50(girls)*15$=750$ -Mentors training: 300$ -pads:50(girls)*1(pc)*1$*12(months)=600$ -Girls education mobilization campaign: 640$

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